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Skin care: Olive oil hair care -Olive oil for hair growth

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Olive oil is the best solution for getting glossy, silky, soft, strong, long, dense, elastic, frizz-free, dandruff-free, lice-free hair with good growth.
Olive extract is a nourisher, conditioner and moisturizer promoting its growth and care.
Proper use of olive oil for good hair care and growth involves three stages.
The scalp must be periodically cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, skin debris and the excess sebum to stem hair loss and promote its health.
Daily care of scalp skin is necessary to have healthy hair. It must be combed and massaged to improve its blood circulation.

Understanding the structure of hair helps in its care and growth using olive oil

To have healthy hair, care of scalp skin is a must as all the living parts of it like follicles, roots and sebaceous glands are located beneath the scalp skin.
Follicles are the roots wherein cells are packed to form the shaft. The sebaceous glands on the scalp produce sebum which is a natural moisturizer and conditioner to control hair loss.
The actual shaft which emerges out of the skin has no living process. The shaft contains the (1) inner core medulla containing loose cells and air space, (2) the cortex containing tightly packed keratin and (3) the outer cuticle containing cells arranged in single layer like shingles of roof.

Olive oil for hair care, growth, nourishment and scalp massage

Mild antibacterial and antifungal properties of olive help in the prevention of diseases of the scalp skin and helps in its care. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants.
Antioxidants protect the follicles from the oxidative damages caused by free radicals promoting growth and controlling loss.
It nourishes the shaft at its formation stage at the follicles and its health and growth is improved and loss is reduced.
Taking care by massaging the scalp with olive oil apart from facilitating its penetration also helps in the improvement of the circulation to the scalp skin.
Improved circulation means more nutrients for the growth of shaft at the root level. This controls its fall, loss, premature graying and poor texture.

Olive oil as moisturizer and conditioner for care and growth of hair

It is very effective moisturizer and conditioner promoting growth and controlling loss. It penetrates the shaft making it soft and supple.
Application of olive oil locks in the moisture and stops it from getting brittle and dry and its loss.
It is a good protection for the cuticle and its use for stopping split ends gives good care results, growth preventing loss.
Frequent combing and use of colours and dyes may take away cuticle and cause split ends.
Hair shaft

Hair shaft

Olive oil for hair protection from dandruff and lice and its care and health

Regular application to the scalp and massaging gets rid off dandruff and promotes growth.
Olive extract application on the scalp discourages lice. They cannot thrive in this medium and environment.
Application of olive oil on the scalp followed by combing for lice make the lice to loose grip and fall out.

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