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Skin care - Fordyce spots granules - disease - lips - genitalia - areolae

Fordyce spots granulesTreatment and cure of fordyce spots diseaseWhite bumps on skin, lips, fingernails, teeth, tonsils and genitaliaNevus pigmentosus

What are fordyce spots (granules)?

Fordyce spots are sebaceous glands without connection to hair follicles.
They are benign, painless, small, pale, white or whitish yellow, raised bumps of 1-3 mm diameter appearing on the the vermilion region of lips, inside of the mouth, aureole or genital area(not a disease).

These granules are named after John Addison Fordyce, an American dermatologist.
Fordyce spots are sebaceous glands. Sebum may be discharged from them.
Sebaceous glands are normally connected to the pore in hair follicle and lie in the skin without showing bumps.
However these fordyce granules are ectopic glands and have no connection to hair follicles and open out directly.
These granules are out of place glands (ectopic) as instead of being at level with skin, they appear as small raised bumps usually on lips, nipple, penis and labia.

Fordyce spots disease prevalence

Though this granules condition is seen in both men and women, it is very common in men and about 80% of them have it.
The incidence is found to get reduced with old age, as is the case with other sebaceous glands.
fordyce glands are found in newborns and in the children though they are present they are dormant.
These granules become active after reaching of puberty as in the case of other sebaceous glands in the body.
It is believed that there is a genetic link to this 'disease'.
It is an idiopathic disease condition arising from unknown or an obscure cause or arising spontaneously.
Fordyce granules is not a contagious disease or caused by pathogens.
However if the lesions are squeezed and skin gets damaged, infection and disease of skin may result.
They can appear as single lesion or as a cluster on the affected area.

Though no particular treatment is necessary, the fordyce bumps are of cosmetic concern.
Men and women are known to go into depression fearing that, it may be some form of sexually transmitted disease (STD), genital warts or cancer.
Sometimes fordyce spots are mistaken for pearly penile papules (Hirsuties papillaris genitalis). However pearly penile papules have nothing to do with sebaceous glands and are just skin overgrowth and are benign.
They spoil the aesthetic appearance of the affected persons if they occur on lips or genitalia.
Fordyce spots granules disease have been successfully treated with topical application, laser therapy and electro-desiccation.

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