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Vitamin C skin care - Vitamin C skin benefits

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Skin care with vitamin C is one of the very important secrets in keeping it youthful, shining and glowing.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) benefits skin by strengthening and increasing elasticity of collagen tissue and preventing wrinkles and photoaging.
Very reliable scientific research evidence has now proved benefits and effectiveness of vitamin C in skin care in whitening and in removing blemishes and hyperpigmentation.
However the latest trends and changing ingredients have made it difficult for us to choose effective vitamin C skincare products.

What are vitamin C skin benefits?

Ascorbic acid helps in skin whitening by exfoliation, cleansing and also by slowing down melanin skin pigment production, premature aging and age spots.
This also helps in softening and toning up dermal layers.
Its benefits also include stimulation of collagen growth, which is the basic matrix of dermal layers.
This has anti-aging effects and benefits in slowing down skin aging by firming it up and removing wrinkles and fine lines.

Antioxidant benefits of vitamin C for skin care

Ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant, which care and protect our body cells from  destruction by free-radicals formed during our body's metabolic processes.
Ascorbic acid actively neutralises free radicals. It is also found to reverse the DNA damage.
Free-radicals are also produced in the dermal layer, when it is exposed to ultra violet rays present in the sunlight.
Ascorbic acid also takes care of our dermal cells from negative impact of sun when applied topically by neutralizing free radicals.
However it is to be noted that, ascorbic acid application does not have sun screening effect and does not block sun rays.
Its action is only in protective care by neutralizing the free radicals produced during sun exposure.
Hence sunscreen, especially broad-spectrum sunscreen, with effective sun protection factor (SPF), also has to be used to block the sunlight for required care from darkening, sunburn, photodermatitis and cancers like  squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma.

Vitamin C skin care benefits in exfoliation

One of the benefits of vitamin C is that in its common acidic form (ascorbic acid) exfoliates the epidermis layer effectively.
The top dead epidermis layer is shed off continuously by the natural process called desquamation.
In some individuals the process may be slower and more dead cells remain back giving the epidermis a dull appearance.
Exfoliating periodically makes the skin to bounce back with youth, vibrancy, freshness,clarity, radiance, shine and glow.

Collagen production for skin care with vitamin C

Collagen is the basic structural protein of the dermal layers and its synthesis depends on ascorbic acid.
The components of the skin are held together by the collagen fibres.
The benefits of collagen fibers are many and their benefits for dermal layers lies in holding together dermal components.
Insufficient and inefficient collagen fibers lead to dull, sagging and wrinkled epidermal structure.
For having wrinkle free look with firm texture, collagen synthesis at the epidermis and dermis levels must go on at optimum pace.
High levels of oral ascorbic acid, though have many effective benefits for other organ systems, do not target dermal layers effectively.
However ascorbic acid can be infused into the epidermis and dermis by topical applications.
In its ascorbic acid form it gets oxidised and denatured on exposure to water and light and loses efficacy.
Vitamin C skin care products have been developed with its different stable derivative forms,which are very effective and give immense benefits.
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