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the wonder super food green tea in skin care

Tea is obtained from the leaves, leaf-buds and the inter nodes of the tea-plant [Camellia sinensis] and cured and processed by different methods.
Green tea is produced by wilting tea leaves, leaf-buds and inter nodes without oxidation.
Green tea contains CATECHINS which are antioxidants.
Aging: The effect of free radicals and hormones makes us grow old. The antioxidant in green tea can bind themselves to free radicals and slow down the aging process. In take of green tea reduces the oxidative effects of sun exposure on the skin and keeps the skin healthy. The substances like saponins in green tea help us to stay fit by helping in metabolism of fats.
Green tea helps in regulation of cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol levels and decreasing bad cholesterol levels.
Benefits of green tea in skin care and skin health:
The consumption of green tea as a beverage and also the application of extract of green tea on skin has many skin care benefits like delaying the aging of skin cells, preventing wrinkles on the skin, repairing and healing of the skin damages due to sun, weather and stress.
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