Monday, January 26

The vitamin for coagulation is Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin and the K is from the German word Koagulation. This vitamin is very essential for the formation of many proteins involved in clot formation.
Deficiency As this vitamin is easily available from plant sources and also produced by bacteria in the intestine its dietary deficiency is very rare. Deficiency may occur when intestinal flora is destroyed by the use of antibiotics. In situations wherein intestinal tissue is damaged leading to low absorption the deficiency may occur. New born babies who are breast-fed are at the risk as human milk is relatively low in vitamin K and the intestinal flora may not have established. Adults who are on anti-coagulant drugs may be at the risk of developing deficiency of this vitamin.
Sources The excellent sources of vitamin K are leafy vegetables, cereals, and fruits. For further information please visit the dynamic nature web site.

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