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the super food garlic can prevent skin cancer

Garlic [Allium sativam L ] is a species in the onion family Alliaceae. It is closely related to onion. Garlic is grown globally. The cloves are used for consumption and medicinal purposes both in the raw and the cooked form. The leaves, stem and flowers are also edible and mostly consumed while immature and still tender. The antioxidants present in garlic bind to free-radicals and prevent the damages and diseases caused by free-radicals. The allicin found in garlic has been found to lower blood pressure. The allicin found in garlic is believed to promote weight-loss and hence prevent obesity related diseases. Compounds in garlic have been shown to prevent prostate cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.
Garlic is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels and found to prevent some complications of diabetes. Garlic has been found to check impotence. Garlic aids in blood circulation and keeps veins arteries in healthy condition. Compounds in garlic stimulate the production of the enzyme called nitric oxide synthase. This enzyme helps in erection. Garlic intake with a high protein diet has been shown to boost testosterone levels. The garlic extract improves immune function giving our natural defense system a boost. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties. Garlic is used as a treatment for intestinal worms and parasites.
Benefits of garlic in skin care and skin health
Garlic as food for preventing skin cancer: Garlic has become one of the important foods for prevention of skin cancer. Studies have revealed that treating basal skin cancer patients with garlic has pervented the growth of the cancer and reduced the size of the tumors. These cancer curing properties are attributed to garlic's antibacterial properties, its ability in blocking the production of cancer inducing substances, its ability to halt the activities of the carcenogens, its antioxidant properties, its role in DNA repair and its ability to stop malignant cell proliferation and to induce cancer cell death. Thus galic has become a very ideal food in prevention of skin cancer.
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