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Vitamin C is helpful in healing skin scars.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and it is also known as Ascorbic acid.
Except humans most of the mammals can synthesize vitamin C in their body.
Humans, therefore have to obtain their supplies from their diet.
 Vitamin C is a very essential nutrient and its deficiency may cause disease Scurvy.
Vitamin C is essential for healing of wounds. It is very important for the formation of collagen.
Collagen is an important protein and is found in the scar tissues, blood vessels, skin and ligaments.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant and stops the damage caused by free radicals.
 The action of free radicals over a long time causes aging.
Vitamin C protects us from cancer, heart disease and arthritis by binding to free radicals, slowing the aging process.
It is believed that vitamin C regenerate oxidants like vitamin E.
 Vitamin C is observed to reduce the symptoms of autism.
Vitamin C has been found to increase the fertility in men.
Increasing the immune function and slowing down the aging process are its other beneficial effects. Vitamin C intake also lowers the blood pressure.
Vitamin C deficiency causes: Scurvy, a potential fatal disease is caused by severe vitamin C deficiency.
 Scurvy causes hair loss, tooth loss, bleeding, joint pain and swelling.
Scurvy when untreated is fatal. However with the advance in medical knowledge it can be treated completely with vitamin C supplements.
Benefits of Vitamin C in skin care and skin health:
In the synthesis of collagen, a critical skin protein essential for skin tone and wound healing, vitamin C plays an very important role.
Clinical studies have proved that oral intake of vitamin C helps in the healing of skin injuries and wounds.It has been also proved that vitamin C is effective in healing skin scars.
In topical application of vitamin C formulations the skin scars respond well and fade and disappear.
Toxicity of vitamin C:
Large doses of vitamin C can cause indigestion and diarrhea.
  Food sources of vitamin C:
The human body does not manufacture vitamin C and cannot store it.
So it is very important to add vitamin C in our diet daily.
The rich natural sources of this vitamin are, fruits and vegetables, liver, citrus fruits, leafy greens and green peppers.
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