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Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) deficiency can cause wrinkles on skin

Vitamin B2 is known as Riboflavin and is water soluble. This vitamin plays a very important role in the cellular process. It is required for energy metabolism. It is a key factor in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and ketone bodies.

In the release of energy from glucose and fatty acids in the mitochondria, Riboflavin is one of the constituent co enzymes. Riboflavin has an important role in the DNA syntheses and red blood cell formation. It is believed that supplement of Riboflavin helps in relieving migraine.

When taken along with food Riboflavin is absorbed in the small intestine. It is found that in empty stomach it is absorbed very poorly. When protein is lost from the body Riboflavin is also lost. Any excess of Riboflavin is excreted in the urine. Riboflavin need increases in the nursing mothers. Riboflavin is useful in prevention and treatment of cataracts and eye ailments.
Riboflavin is helpful in health of mucous membranes.
It is very beneficial to skin, hair and nails.

Deficiency of Riboflavin can be primary or secondary.
The deficiency can lead to inflammation of the mucous membrane, cracked lips and mouth corners and sore throat.
The deficiency can lead to loss of skin tenor and iron deficiency anemia.
The eyes can become bloodshot and sensitive to light.

As riboflavin is excreted easily in urine there in no observed toxicity. However if injected into blood stream in high doses toxicity may occur.

Milk, organ meats, nuts, cheese, eggs, green leafy vegetables, fish, legumes, yeast and almond are good sources of Riboflavin but exposure to light destroys Riboflavin.

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