Sunday, January 11

antioxidants help in the maintenance of healthy skin

In the normal body functions oxidative reactions occur, giving energy supply. Although oxidative reactions are crucial for life they can also be damaging. These reactions can give rise to free radicals. These free radicals can cause oxidative stress and may damage and even kill cells.

Antioxidants are rich in green tea, aloe vera, garlic, honey, pomegranate, soya beans, spirulina, dates, olive oil, vegetable oils, fish liver oil, yellow orange and red coloured vegetables and fruits, vitamins A, C,E and and minerals like selenium etc.. The use of antioxidants in some health problems is discussed below.

Recent studies show that antioxidants can help relieve allergy symptoms It is found that antioxidants can reduce bronchial and lung damage due to asthma. Migraines are recurrent headaches that are throbbing or pulsating and which usually occur on one side of head. Studies show that certain antioxidants help decrease the severity and frequency of migraine.

Antioxidants have been proven to be beneficial in relieving gum pain gum disease prevention and healing gum disease.
Regular intake of vitamin C and flavonoids can help in inhibition of growth of bacteria Helicobactor pylori, the main cause for peptic ulcers. For further information visit

Get glowing skin complexion. Remove acne scars and blemishes from face.

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