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Vitamin B7 (biotin) deficiency causes hair fall and loss

Biotin is one of the water soluble vitamins of the B complex group labeled vitamin B7.
Biotin is essential in the metabolism of fatty acids and in glucose synthesis. For cell growth, production of fatty acids and in the metabolism of the fats and amino acids biotin is necessary.

Citric acid cycle is a process by which biochemical energy is generated during aerobic respiration and biotin has very important role in it. Biotin helps in the maintenance of blood sugar levels. Biotin helping various metabolic reactions helps in transfer of carbon dioxide.

Biotin is often recommended for hair and nails care. hence, it is used in many cosmetic and health products for the hair and skin. Biotin is usually recommended to counter act the problems of hair loss. Biotin may be involved in the production and release of insulin. Type 2 diabetes patients have been found to have low levels of biotin.

Loss of hair and in severe deficiency loss of hair on the eye lashes and eye brows has been encountered in the case of biotin deficiency. Biotin deficiency is also triggered by excessive consumption of raw eggs. The raw egg white contains high levels of protein avidin which binds to biotin. However avidin is deactivated by cooking while biotin remains intact. In general appetite and growth are affected.

There are few side effects associated with higher doses of biotin. In rare cases stomach irritation and dermatitis have been reported.

Biotin is distributed in a variety of foods in low concentrations. Cereals, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables may be consumed to ward off any deficiency. For further information visit

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