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Signs and symptoms of tinea (pityriasis) versicolor skin yeast infections

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Tinea versicolor has very characteristic visual signs and symptoms on the body. Tinea versicolor skin yeast infections appear as discolored, flat, circular and oval patches on the skin with hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

The patches may be of hues of shades of white, bronze red to brown, differing from person to person. Each individual's lesions are mostly of the same color and show even pigmentation showing relatively sharp margins. The usual characteristic of other fungal diseases like inflamed outer margins with relatively clear centre is not seen in tinea versicolor skin yeast infections.

The lesions are at their worst in hot and humid climate and can cause intense itch. However the infected patches subside and fade away in cooler and drier climate. The infection is superficial and usually occurs in stratum corneum part of the epidermis. Tinea versicolor infections appear choosy and the symptoms are seen usually on the trunk region, sparing the face. Very rarely it may occur on the face of the children.

The appearance of these signs and symptoms on regular use of corticosteroids indicates tinea versicolor infections. Another indicative factor of tinea versicolor skin yeast infections is the recurrent appearance of the signs and symptoms in warmer months and worsening with heat.Tinea versicolor infected back
Tinea versicolor infected back

The smaller lesions are usually are circular or oval in shape initially and growing to merge with one another. The surrounding areas of the confluent patches have scattered oval and circular macules. Usually fine scales are present. Even if the scales are not apparent closer examination of the swabs will reveal their presence.

The tinea versicolor fungal skin patches do not tan and they stand out in a person with tanned skin and these symptoms help in the identification of the causative factor.

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