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Pale white spots/patches on children skin face and body

White spots on the face of children

The cause of pale white spots and patches on the face and the body of children must be diagnosed and treated or else it may leave a psychological impact on the kids, apart from the physiological problems.

Various conditions and diseases can cause pale white spots/patches on the skin of children. Some are harmless and resolve by themselves. Many can cause health problems. It is very important for the parents to get the causes diagnosed and have the children treated if necessary.

Pale/white spots and patches arising out of injuries, burns and infections

These white spots are due to skin damage.
Repigmentation of these areas may take a long time or may not develop pigments fully.
These patches can be corrected by chemo or

Deficiency of vitamins (avitaminosis) causes pale white spots/patches on the skin

Vitamins are very essential components of our nutrition and the deficiency of them in children can cause many diseases and also affect their skin. Deficiency of B complex vitamins affect our skin in a number of ways.

The deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes pale white spots/patches on the skin especially on the forearms of the kids.These pale patches arise out of depigmentation of the skin and may later turn pink/red causing itching and distress to the kids. Giving food rich in vitamin B12 to the kids makes the pale white vitamin B12 deficiency spots/patches to disappear gradually.

Pale white spots and patches on the children caused by pityriasis alba

This is an asymptomatic condition, the cause of which is not known. The lesions initially appear slightly raised pinkish or reddish in color. Later they flatten out and turn pale white. This condition affects particularly children, more often boys. It usually affects the face of the child, especially cheeks, area around mouth and chin.

Pale white patches may also appear on shoulders arms and hands of kids. By puberty in most of the kids it resolves by itself. The condition may last to a few months or to years. may also recur. No specific treatment is required. Protective and preventive measures may be taken to avoid these pale white spots and patches on your children faces.

Milia (oil seeds or milk spots) causes small raised spots on the face, mouth roof and genitalia

Milia is quite often present in newborns and infants. These white may also affect older children and adults. Milia are keratin filled cysts and are benign and asymptomatic. Usually in newborns they disappear after a few weeks. In adults they may persist and can be removed by opening the cyst.

Fordyce pale white spots

These are usually found on the lips and genitalia. These white spots are actually sebaceous glands which do not have hair follicle association (ectopic sebaceous gland). These are harmless and of cosmetic worry only.

Pale patches caused by nevus depigmentosus

are hypopigmentation areas in the skin and may be present right from the birth. These pale spots are stable, harmless and non- contagious.

Pale white or brown patches/spots caused by tinea (pityriasis) versicolor

Skin yeast and M.globosa cause infections. This ailment usually affects teenagers and young adults. Kids are rarely affected. Malnourished children and kids with suppressed immunity are affected. The fungus can be treated with a number of anti-fungal topical and oral medications.

Pale white spots and patches caused by vitiligo (leucoderma)

is a skin disorder and gives rise to hypopigmentation of some areas of the skin. Autoimmunity is the main . In this ailment the immune cells kill the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) in some areas of the skin leading to white patches.

Pale white spots and patches of leprosy

Leprosy initially shows as pale white spots and patches on the skin, which are numb to touch. Though this is eradicated from most parts of the world, it is still persisting is some pockets of Africa and South east Asia. This is a curable bacterial disease. Areas of skin which lack sensation require immediate medical attention.
Sudden appearance of tender feeling to touch can be a hint of progressive damage to the peripheral nerves or even the spinal cord and the brain.

Pale white spots and patches arising on children must not neglected and immediate diagnosis and treatment must be given.

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