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Skin care - Fordyce spots treatment and cure

White bumps on skin, lips, fingernails, teeth, tonsils and genitaliaFordyce spots overviewFordyce spots treatment and cureNevus depigmentosus
Fordyce spots require no treatment as they are benign and harmless. However for aesthetic appearance, treatment and complete cure is available.

Topical applications for fordyce therapy

The acidic form of vitamin A is Tretinoin and it is also known as ATRA (all-trans retinoic acid).
It is a medicine most commonly used in treating acne.
The topical form is available as gel and cream. For the cure of fordyce spots this ointment must be applied daily till the condition resolves.
Individuals with sensitive skin must use this cautiously and if any adverse reaction starts must discontinue immediately.

Women who are pregnant or who are planning a pregnancy should not use it as tretinoin is a teratogen and can cause fetal abnormalities.
They can only consider the therapy for fordyce spots after child birth.
Better results are achieved when tretinoin used along with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which is another topical solution for acne.
Individuals undergoing therapy for fordyce disease with the above drugs should protect themselves from sun exposure as the treated skin can get severe sun-burn and sun poisoning.
Fordyce's spots on the lips
Fordyce spots on the upper lips (enlarge)

Use of super pulsed laser therapy

For patients seeking improvement of aesthetic appearance from this condition, therapy with CO2 super pulsed laser has been found to be very effective and safe.
Excellent results with complete re-epithelization was achieved.
No side effects were observed and in the medicated area no remnants of the fordyce condition were seen in 15 days.
Diathermy, liquid nitrogen freezing and TCA peels have been used for fordyce spots treatment and cure with varying levels of success.

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