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Milk spots - Baby milk spots - Milia causes

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Keratin (from dead epidermal cells) causes milia (small epidermoid cysts), when it gets trapped in small pockets on the epidermal surface as cysts/bumps, instead of getting exfoliated (sloughed off) naturally.
The symptoms of milia milk spots are that these small white bumps have no mouth (opening) and on abrasion redden on the edges leaving the central portion white.
Causes of milia in newborn babies
  • This mild skin disorder of baby milk spots or milia show the signs and symptoms as small bead-like raised white bumps on the skin around nose, ears, eyes, cheeks and chin of newborn babies.
  • In some babies these show symptoms like small bumps on the roof of the mouth, gums or genitalia.
  • Milia is very common in newborn babies and its signs and symptoms are found in almost half of them. They usually appear 3-4 days after birth of babies and last for about 20-30 days and resolve naturally.
  • In infants born prematurely the affliction is less and these oil seeds form late (after 2-3 weeks).
  • In rare cases rough bedlinen and clothing has been found to induce the formation of this ailment.
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Causes of milia in adults
  • Milk spots can also appear on adult body more often on the face with unknown reasons.
  • Injured or inflamed epidermal region of the body also can form milia in some individuals due to set back in the skin exfoliating process.
  • Among the common and less understood causes of milk spots are the cosmetics and hair care products containing chemicals.
  • Facial creams sometimes smother our skin, preventing sloughing of keratin , dead epidermal cells and sebaceous matter.
  • Comedogenic nature of some facial make-ups, moisturizers and sunscreens (contrary to their claims of being non-comedogenic) causes milia, especially on the eye lids.
  • Some lip balms and lip sticks may be the causes of milk spots on the edge of lips vermilion border.
  • Regular exposure to sun and aging also leads to this skin condition.
  • Certain diseases like PCT (Porphyria Cutanea Tarda ) and epidermolysis bullosa can give rise to these bumps as the secondary disorder.
  • Skin stress and trauma due to radiotherapy and dermabrasion and the use of potent topical corticosteroid, develop symptoms of milia in some persons.
Genetic familial dominant autosomal inheritance disorders have been found to be one of the causes of milia.

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