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Skin care - Wrinkle free skin care - elasticity of skin

Wrinkle free skin is a sign of youth and health. Care must be taken in our food habits and in our lifestyle to keep skin wrinkle free and also to maintain its elasticity.

Elasticity of skin and its care

Skin is the largest organ of our body, accounting for about 15% of our body weight.
Elastin and collagen are two proteins concentrated in the dermis region of our skin giving it texture, tone, elasticity and wrinkle free appearance.
Elastin is a protein in connective tissue and it helps the tissues to resume their earlier free state after stretching (elasticity).
Elastin makes the skin to return to its original free position when pinched.
Elastin is composed primarily of amino acids alanine, glycine, valine and proline.
Elastin has more elasticity than collagen. Along with collagen it forms the structure basis and matrix of the dermis giving it elasticity (making it wrinkle free).
Collagen is the strongest protein in our body, giving our body and dermis their durability, strength and elasticity.
The subcutaneous fat just under the dermis further gives it its filled out wrinkle free look.
With aging the subcutaneous fat gets reduced giving the skin a loose and flabby look.
Collagen begins to deteriorate with aging and the dermis starts to thin out and sag loosing its elasticity and wrinkle free look.
With aging elastin also starts to break down and elasticity is lost.

Wrinkle free skin care

Young skin is typically wrinkle free and show elasticity as we see in young children and healthy young adults.
With aging slowly it stops being wrinkle free. Understanding the processes involved in the damages to its structure altering its wrinkle free state we can slow down its aging process.
If we take the following simple efforts we can slow down the wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity.

First rule in wrinkle free skin care is reducing the exposure to sun

Take care to avoid exposure to sun as sunlight contains harmful Ultraviolet rays which are the root cause of aging and loss of elasticity of the dermis.
Though we may not realise the bad effects immediately, over years it has a devastating effect on the elasticity and tone of dermis.
Take care to avoid visits to the tanning beds as these also produce the same bad effects, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
Take care to use sun-shield like sunscreens to reduce the exposure.
Take care to wear hat, use umbrella and some protective clothing if you have to go out in the sun.

Cutting down alcohol, smoking and coffee is required for wrinkle free skin care

Take care to reduce alcohol as it interferes with antioxidant activities and promotes cell damage and loss of elasticity.
You might have noticed alcoholists look older than their real age and have wrinkles on their skin.
Also take care to stop smoking and reduce coffee in take as these also interfere with collagen synthesis and antioxidant utilisation by the body.
Apart from causing cancer and lung diseases, smoking increases the free radical activity in the body and skin and leads to oxidative damages of the cells.
Old woman with young baby boy
Old woman with young baby boy

Right food for wrinkle free skin care

Finally what we consume is going to show up on our body especially our dermis.
Take care to reduce fats in food and avoid junk food as these add to freeradical activities in the body.
Consume fruits, fruit juices and vegetables to get vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities to take care of elasticity of your dermis.
Take care to increase the intake of nutrients containing antioxidants.
Take care to follow these precautions and preventive measures to protect the elasticity of your skin and keep it wrinkle free for a longer time.

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