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Basic skin care - skin care routine

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Basic skin care in a routine manner is very essential for healthy and youthful appearance.

Our skin is the most exposed organ of our body getting continuously harmed and damaged in a routine manner in our daily activities.
This continuous routine exposure to elements coupled with various internal factors causes it to loose its tenor, develop wrinkles, dryness and dermatitis and age.
Taking daily basic care as a routine helps in retaining the healthy appearance of the skin for longer time. In basic care to keep skin healthy we have to work on three aspects.
The first and foremost of basic care being protecting it from damages and also controlling damages (This topic is discussed in detail in another post). The second aspect of basic care will be to confirm to a daily routine of actions.
The third aspect of basic care will be to treat and overcome the effects of damages (This topic is discussed in detail in another post).

Basic skin care routine

Skin formation is a continuous routine process and the uppermost layer (epidermis) dies and is sloughed off continuously. Being an exposed organ it picks up dust and dirt, especially when sweating or wearing make up.
These dirt particles keep accumulating on it and along with dead cells mix with the sweat and sebaceous gland secretions forming a filthy foul smelling layer.
The fungi and bacteria thrive well and start growing, in these moist oily conditions giving the skin bad odor and can cause infections.
So we require to clean our skin very often to get rid of these debris and to keep it healthy. Now the question is how we go about cleaning and taking care of it. There are tried out ways for basic routine cleaning like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating.

Routine basic care: cleansing and washing

Cleaning of skin regularly is a basic routine required to remove the dirt from accumulating and choking the pores.
Care must be taken to use very mild soaps as harsh soaps with high pH have the drying effect on the skin robbing it of its natural moisture and removing its acid mantle.
As the basic pH of the top layer is around 4.5 - 6, the soap also must be around the same values and never above neutral levels (pH 7).
Moisten the skin with warm water. Take care to avoid cold or hot water as this tend to dry the natural moisture and stress the cells.
Work up soap lather with your palms and massage the lather on the skin.
Take care not to rub the soap bar directly as pores may get choked by the soap.
Rinse your face thoroughly with splashes of water or with wash towel. Take care to see that no remnants of soap remain.
If soap sticks on and then dries up, it will produce reactions. As a routine use a soft towel to blot and dry the skin. Alternatively you can use mild natural cleansers available at drug stores.
As a routine cleansing once in a day before bed will do. Cleansing too often can also make your skin dry.
In the morning rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Basic care routine: toning

You can use skin toner to tighten it and close the pores by its astringents.
Toner makes up for the loss of acid mantle during cleansing, softens any persistent cleanser and restores the pH balance.
Avoid toners with alcohol base as over long use they may affect the elasticity by affecting the collagen below the epidermis.
 If you are going to use products having active ingredients, it is better not to use the toners as they may reduce and prevent penetration into skin.

Basic care routine: moisturizing

Routine application of moisturizers is one of the basic steps in keeping our skin healthy, plush and supple. People with oily skin have lesser requirement of moisturizing as the sebum itself locks in moisture and function as moisturizer.
People with dry skin require to moisturize with oil-water emulsions.
The moisturizers with petroleum products (mineral oils) must be avoided as they may give harmful effects on the long run.
If persons with oily skin require to moisturise they may use oil free humectants like honey, collagen, glycerin and glycol.

Basic care routine: exfoliation

Exfoliation is a basic step in keeping the skin free from the debris of dead cells. In nature, skin undergoes exfoliation continuously in a routine manner.
Young people exfoliate their outer layer of dead epidermis (stratum corneum) faster and only a thin layer of stratum corneum remains.
Their epidermis cleans up in routine cleansing care and do not require to exfoliate by any further treatments. However people in middle age have this exfoliation process slowdown, affecting basic cleansing care and have thicker layer of stratum corneum remaining, giving the skin a dull and lifeless appearance.
Persons with very oily epidermis also tend to accumulate thicker layer of stratum corneum and require routine care and exfoliation.
Exfoliation, once or twice in a week will suffice for most of the people. Depending on the resultant condition the frequency may be reduced or increased. α hydroxy acids, β hydroxy acids, enzyme peels, retinoids, scrubs and certain microdermabrasion methods are popular exfoliation basic skin care procedures available.
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Instead of starting on basic routine with any product or treatment for exfoliation on your own, consult a dermatologist at least once for advice on best exfoliation method for basic routine care for the type of skin you have.
Following above routine of basic care, you can have healthy and youthful skin appearance.
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