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Oily skin treatment

Oily skin treatment

Oily skin condition arises when the sebum (skin oil) is produced in excess of requirement due to many biological factors requiring proper treatment.
Human skin produces oily sebum to protect itself from the weather elements and also as a lubricant.

Advantages of oily skin

A healthy skin produces sufficient sebum to keep itself well nourished, wrinkle-resistant, moisturized and glossy. The great advantage of oily face is that it ages slowly and is well moisturized. The disadvantage of such condition is that it is dull, thick and coarse in looks. However this condition can leads to blackheads, pimples and embarrassing blemishes requiring treatment and care.

Oily skin treatment

For treatment for oily condition, we have to look into the root cause. We have to find out if this condition is prevalent in the family members like the parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. If the problem is prevalent in family then the individual has to put up with the problem as it is genetic, requiring continuous care. The possible cause may be higher hormonal output.

Treatment can be tried out to reduce the intensity of the condition and associated problems. There can be no total cure or permanent remedy. Only with old age the condition slowly subsides with the reduction in hormone output.

Oily skin treatments and solutions

If the condition is not hereditary, there is a possibility of achieving complete relief with specific preventive efforts.
Weather: Avoid hot humid weather and protect yourself from prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Hormones: If the cause is due to hormonal fluctuations as in menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, skincare measures like cleansing can help.
Hormonal treatments for reducing the androgen output in the body can give relief from oily skin.
However hormonal medications for oily conditions are to be done under the care of medical professionals.
Self medication and consumption of hormones without doctor's advice can result in devastating health problems.
Food habits: We have to review our food habits. If our consumption of fats and carbohydrates is fairly above the recommended daily requirement (RDA), then we are becoming a candidate for oily skin.
Taking balanced food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals itself can give relief in such cases.
Taking plenty of leafy vegetables and fruits helps in oily face condition.
Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause excess sebum production.
Taking food rich in B vitamins like whole cereals and grains, nuts and legumes can provide treatment for the oily problem.
Accumulation of metabolic wastes can cause excess sebum. Drinking sufficient water, keeps our body and specially epidermal cells hydrated and removes toxins and metabolic wastes.
Cosmetics: Excessive use of cosmetics can remove the sebum totally and to counter it our sebaceous glands start producing excess of sebum. In such cases restrictive use of cosmetics will help.

Medical treatments

: Topical isotretinoin and tretinoin, vitamin derivatives may be prescribed by dermatologists for resolving of this problem.
Benzoyl peroxide is also used to control excess sebum production.
For acne and pimples prone persons application of antibiotic creams can provide relief for excess sebum production.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) solutions can also resolve acne and excess sebum production.
Use of salicylic acid or glycolic acid reduces sebum build up.
Smoking and consumption of alcohol have been found to dehydrate the skin cells and can cause excess sebum production.

Oily skin homemade treatments

  • Washing the skin with mild low pH soap and plenty of fairly warm/hot water removes much of the sebum and the dirt, opening the pores and keeping them free from clogging.
    However washing must be restricted to two or three times a day. Excessive washing can induce skin to produce more sebum and reverse our efforts.
  • Harsh soaps and skin care products must be avoided as they may become more a problem than a solution.
    Harsh products will completely strip the skin of sebum, whereby the sebaceous glands are induced to produce more sebum.
    They may also make the skin taut and dehydrated, restricting the free flow of sebum.
  • Light products like extra virgin olive oil can be used as cleanser as it can dissolve sebum into a solution and help in its removal.
    Application of lemon juice on the face and allowing it to dry for 15 minutes before rinsing can be tried for this problem.
  • Treatment with cucumber juice and honey can provide great relief.
    Application of aloe vera juice on the face, leaving for 15 -20 minutes and then rinsing with near hot water can also help.
    Tomato puree can be applied ,left for 15 minutes and then rinsed clean.
    Yogurt and papaya juice can be applied in control and treatment of this problem.
  • Clay mask removes excess sebum. Sandalwood powder paste with water when used as mask helps in removing excess sebum.
  • Steaming opens up pores and liquefies the sebum into a solution for removal.
    Face must be wiped clean gently to remove the sebum and dirt soon after steaming. Care should be taken to apply moisturizer soon after steaming.
    After cleansing, oil free moisturizer can be applied to keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Periodical exfoliation helps in removing epidermal debris and opening up pores and acne.
  • The affected individual should exercise, relax and sleep well as tension and stress have been found to increase the sebum secretion, affecting the treatment.
  • With proper care, the problem of oily skin can be overcome and with correct treatment relief is possible.

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