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Dry skin moisturizers

Dry skin moisturizers

Dry skin moisturizers must be used for alleviating and preventing xerosis problems.
Dry skin condition (also known as xerosis or xeroderma) is caused by many factors and some of them are environment, poor quality moisturizers and cosmetics, mental and physical stress, unbalanced diet, bad eating habits and dermal diseases.

These situations cause damages to acidic protective layer on the epidermis and there is loss of moisture from it. The reduction in the protein-carbohydrate-lipid complex of the epidermis (which helps in retaining water) also causes this condition. In the winter months and also in air-conditioned environment, the problem worsens as more water is lost from the epidermis due cold dry conditions, requiring application of good products.

Types of dry skin moisturizers

Many brands of these products are available in the beauty stores. They come in many forms like ointments, oils like massage oil, bath oil and vegetable oils, creams, lotions, gels, facial packs etc. Moisturizers in the form of ointment are very effective. However they may leave a greasy feeling. By using small quantities and by rubbing them into the epidermis, this greasy feeling can be minimised.

Oil moisturizers are also quite effective and leave a less greasy feeling. Creams, lotions and gels are to be individually evaluated for efficacy as the ingredients in them vary widely. Homemade creams can be prepared by properly blending natural oils with natural emollients having occlusion (providing oil layer), humectant (increasing water holding capacity) and lubrication properties.

Ideal dry skin moisturizers

Good products must be effective and provide moisture to the upper layer of epidermis and prevent loss of water from it. They should be good emollients, making skin soft, supple and smooth. They should build up/restore the sebum barrier of epidermis, locking up its water content. They must penetrate the epidermis rapidly and hydrate the dry epidermis.

In xeroderma, skin is likely to be sensitive and good moisturizers should not contain any possible allergens (substances that tends to cause allergies), sensitizing agents and comodogens (substances that tend to produce acne). Good products normally should contain antioxidants and collagen and elastin building ingredients, helping the repair process.

Natural and organic ingredients are the best solution as there is less likelihood of harm to the skin. Products containing olive oil, rosehip oil, castor oil, shea butter, almond oil, squalene, squalane (more stable), Proteoglycans, Glycosaminoglycans and other vegetable oils are to be preferred.

Ingredients to be avoided in dry skin moisturizers

Products containing chemicals and strong mineral oil products may turn out to be harmful in the long run, as they can disturb the sebum secretion. A product with a long list of chemical ingredients may contain one or two chemicals unsuitable to you and can harm you. Lotions are usually oil and chemicals suspended in water and alcohol. The alcohol present in them may actually dehydrate skin when used repeatedly.

How to use dry skin moisturizers?

  • The best time to apply is immediately after a bath/shower.
  • After dabbing the body dry, immediately apply the product to trap the water held by the epidermis.
  • It is also a best practice to apply it before going to bed.
  • When you are going out and are likely to be exposed to sun or cold winds do not forget to apply dry skin moisturizers and sunscreen.
  • Apply the product two to three times a day on the very dry parts like elbows, knees, hands, feet and also on the itching and flaking areas.
  • Whether one has xerosis or not, application on a regular basis helps in preventing the development of this problem.
  • xeroderma in knuckles
    Xeroderma in knuckles

    If your xeroderma condition is accompanied by dermatitis ( inflammation) consult a dermatologist immediately.
    The problem of dry skin is surmountable and can be controlled, treated and prevented with regular application of ideal dry skin moisturizers.

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