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Homemade moisturizers - Homemade treatments

Homemade treatments - Homemade moisturizers
Homemade moisturizers and treatments are safer to skin, easier to prepare and are less expensive when compared to cosmetic products purchased from stores.
Homemade moisturizers and treatments made from kitchen ingredients can increase fairness and give glowing complexion. Many environmental, hormonal and nutritional factors make the skin leathery, oily or dry. These conditions lead to freckles, age spots, acne scars, liver spots and other discolorations and hyperpigmentations. Special homemade preparations can target and correct specific skin problems.

Homemade face moisturizers

Skin naturally contains moisture and this water content makes it soft, supple and glowing. However this moisture is lost to the environment due to exposure to sun, heat, cold, winds and chemicals. The dehydration can lead to many dermal problems. Application of homemade moisturizers, especially before going to bed can help the skin in regaining the lost moisture.

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Homemade dry skin moisturizers

Dry skin condition is brought about by nutritional deficiencies, poor quality moisturizers and cosmetics, mental and physical stress, unbalanced diet and dermal ailments. In such situations the pH balance of the skin is disturbed leading to loss of moisture from the epidermis. Oil-based moisturizers can corrected the dry skin (aka xerosis or xeroderma). Preparations containing olive oil, rosehip oil, castor oil, shea butter, almond oil and other vegetable oils are effective and are easy to prepare.

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Homemade treatments for dry skin

The basic problems with dry skin are dehydration of stratum corneum layer of epidermis and reduced production of skin oil (sebum) by the sebaceous glands. The smoothness and glide of the skin is brought about by the sebum filling up the intercellular spaces in the epidermis. Correcting the dryness skin has to first start with the treatment of nutritional deficiencies of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Insufficient intake of water can also lead to dry skin conditions. Further, early treatment of skin diseases is a must in order not to end up with xeroderma.

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Homemade treatment for oily skin

For the treatment of oily skin, we have to go the root cause. In many instances oily skin condition is familial, being prevalent among the family members. In such hereditary conditions one has to put up with the problem or continuously use preparations to blot the oil. Homemade applications can reduce the oiliness. Steaming the face can open up the pores and drain the excess oil. Periodical exfoliation can also keep the pores open and drain the oil.

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Homemade skin whitening tips and treatments

Many homemade preparations are very effective in increasing the fairness. Lemon juice is used to mildly exfoliate and remove the dead skin and expose the healthy young skin. Free radicals stimulate melanin production leading to darkening of the skin. Tomato juice and orange juice contain antioxidants and inhibit melanin production and darkening of the skin.

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Homemade olive oil moisturizer

Olive oil as such is a good moisturizer and it can be blended with many ingredients to make ideal treatments of our choice. The antioxidants present in the olive oil protect the skin from oxidative damage from sunlight as well as from free radicals formed in the skin.
Oxidative damage is the primary cause of age spots, wrinkles and other blemishes formed on the skin.

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