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Common sensitive skin conditions

Skin becoming sensitive is a common condition. There are many possible causes. Understanding the sensory processes will help in finding remedies.
The following pages can give us insights into the processes and diseases involved.

Skin sensitive to touch

Skin becomes sensitive to touch due to many reasons. The most common factors contributing to painful and tender skin conditions are its reaction to external stimuli and the underlying adverse health conditions.

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Causes of skin sensitivity

The common causes of hypersensitivity of skin can due many known internal and external conditions. Sometimes it is idiopathic. Among the known common factors environment, food, race, age, gender and genetic predisposition play a greater part. Genetic conditions like albinism can cause lifelong hypersensitivity to sunlight.

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Human senses of pain, touch, cold and warmth

Human senses like pain (including itch), cold, warmth and touch (including light pressure, deep pressure, vibration and tickle) are perceived by different nerve endings. Meissner's corpuscles, Ruffini corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles, Merkel nerve endings, bulboid corpuscles and nociceptor are the common nerve receptors transmitting the sensory impulses.

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Tactile defensiveness - Tactile sensitivity - Sensory processing disorder

The person affected by tactile defensiveness, a sensory processing disorder, experiences hyperarousal and hypersensitivity to normal touch stimulus. It results in extreme distress and discomfort to the affected individual. Tactile defensive condition can affect motor coordination.

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