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What are the best makeup tips?
The most important tip for the best face makeup is to keep good health.
If you are healthy, your skin will be healthy and you will require less makeup. If you regularly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, the blemishes on your face will fade and you will require less concealer and lesser foundation. Before following the face makeup tips, the cardinal rule for achieving best results is to understand the type of face skin you have. As most of us are aware, there are five skin types namely normal, oily, dry, mixed and sensitive skin. Each type will require a different approach in selection of the best face makeup and its application.

Best makeup tips for face

After washing the face with lukewarm water dab it dry. If you have oily face skin make sure to blot the remaining oil, if any. Apply primer on the face as thin film. Then apply the concealer and foundation. Applying concealer without prior application of primer will cause the concealer and foundation to settle in fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing the blemishes. Though moisturizer can also be used instead of primer, the results are not as good as primer.

Please note that you should follow up with concealer application before the primer dries up or soaks into the skin. Give best attention while applying concealer on the wrinkled area of the face as well as area of larger pores, mostly on and along the nose. After application of concealer you can apply foundation sparingly.

Never overdo foundation application as you will end up with cake face. Take care to blend it to get an even tone with a foundation brush. With right makeup technique you can make your nose to appear central, symmetrical and also smaller. If you have skin sensitivity, try the makeup primers, moisturizers, concealers and foundation on a small area of your skin to test their best suitability before applying makeup.

Makeup tips for eyes

Apply primer and then concealer to cover the dark circles under the eyes. Concentrate on the inner corners as they tend to be darker. To have longer lasting eye-shadow apply eye base before makeup. Use eyeliners to line eyes, as close to eye lashes as possible. Slightly smudge the lines so that they do not stand out prominently on your face.

Next apply eye-shadow makeup, preferably three-toned shadow. Initially use the lighter shade to cover up to brow bone. Next use the medium shade across the eye lids only. Then use the darker makeup to cover up to crease area and then blend the shades to transition from darker eye lashes to the lighter brow bone region of your face.

If felt necessary, makeup mascara can be applied with mascara brush at the very bottom of lashes.

Makeup tips for lips

If you are suffering from dry and scaly lips, applying vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the lips and massaging with a brush (even tooth brush) will help exfoliation and the lips will become smooth and hold makeup. Alternately lip scrub can be used. It is best to use a liner so that the lip area can be defined on the face and lips can be made to look thinner or thicker.

The best makeup color for lips is the skin color you get when you pinch the tips of your fingers. You have to be very careful in selection of the color as not all shades look good on every one.

Best makeup tips for nails

Keep your skin on the fingers moisturized to avoid getting peeling cuticle or hangnails. Trim the nails evenly starting with the shortest one and file them to get the required shape. Nails looks best when they have same curve as the finger tips.

Apply nail polish remover before applying the nail makeup, whether you are wearing nail polish or not. It removes grease and oil from the nail surface so that later on the polish sticks well. Allow sufficient time for the polish to dry and it is best applied as two coats. Apply nail polish to reach the tips of the nails and a little down under the tips to avoid peeling.
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