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Homemade skin treatments and skin care

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Skin care and homemade skin treatments have been around for thousands of years. Apart from being inexpensive, these treatments are easy to prepare and use.
These recipes with ingredients from kitchen are safe and effective. Skin, the largest organ of our body, gets continuously exposed to environment, chemicals and pollutants. It is the protective covering of all the internal organs systems. In turn, it has to be protected from the environmental elements. Its proper care is very much necessary for the proper functioning of the internal organs as well as the healthy and beautiful looks.

Homemade skin treatment starts with health management

The health of our skin is directly related to our general health and presence of health problems has a telling effect on its condition. If an individual is well-nourished, does not suffer from nutritional deficiencies or excesses and is free from adverse health conditions, then his/her skin, in all probability, will be in prime condition and glowing.

Hydration of the body for skin moisturization

Sufficient moisturization of the epidermis can prevent dermal problems. Not drinking sufficient quantities of water can lead to the dehydration of the body and epidermis. Chronic dehydration can lead to many health problems. It is recommended that, for every twenty kilograms of body-weight, one liter of water must be consumed daily in normal conditions. In summer and also when the temperatures are high the requirement will be much more. In chronic dehydration, epidermis will become dry, scaly and dull and lose its suppleness, elasticity and glow.

Balanced food for effective homemade skin treatment

The basale layer of epidermis is made of continuously dividing cells. As these cells proliferate and move upwards they undergo many changes and die to form a protective barrier from the external world. For a well moisturized supple and soft dermis this process must go on. These cells require nutrients for their uninterrupted activity.

Proteins: We have to take care to add sufficient proteins from different food sources in our diet. The matrix of dermis is made of collagen connective tissues. Collagen is a group of proteins. Any deficiency in proteins and their constituent amino acids will cause wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Essential fatty acids: Essential fatty acids are required for the normal function of all body cells. However, excess consumption of fats results in excess fat deposits. Excess carbohydrates are also converted into fats and stored in the body. Excess fats lead to oily conditions and problems like acne.

Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential for production of collagen, the basic matrix of dermis. The deficiency of vitamins in B complex can give rise to many skin diseases requiring medical treatments. All the above issues can corrected by taking a balanced nutrition.

Exercise as skin treatment

Exercising regularly increases blood circulation to skin. The increase in circulating blood brings more nutrients and oxygen to dermal cells. Increased blood flow to dermis can delay aging, wrinkle formation and prevent acne. Sweating removes the metabolic wastes from the dermis and helps in easy exfoliation.

Understanding your skin type for homemade treatments

A perfect skin is a dream of every person and for many it remains as an illusion. For taking care and devising homemade treatments, in the first place we have to understand our skin type. There are normal, dry, oily, combined and sensitive types and each type requiring altogether a distinct homemade care.

Homemade oily skin care treatments

For oily skin care, homemade treatments focus on,
  • opening up the pores to remove clogging,
  • draining the blocked contents,
  • removing excess oil on the face surface,
  • bring out face oil stored in the sebaceous glands,
  • and closing the pores tight to prevent clogging and
  • taking corrective action to bring down oil output.
The whole process homemade treatments is discussed in great detail at the above link.

Homemade dry skin care treatments

If the dry condition is an annual occurrence in winter you have to evaluate the living room, bed room and work place conditions. It is most likely that they are very dry with low humidity. Try using humidifiers.
If dry condition is a continuous problem, for homemade treatments you should focus on,
  • correcting your nutritional balance,
  • scrubbing and exfoliating,
  • washing face regularly, patting it dry and applying moisturizers like petroleum jelly or olive oil and
  • making homemade moisturizing a daily habit.
More detailed information on homemade treatments is given in the above subtitle link.

Homemade combined skin care treatments

For combined type at first do the homemade treatments as in oily condition and follow up with moisturizing the dry areas. Please note that effective homemade treatments can be given with ingredients usually available in kitchen at low costs with great ease and with least side effects.
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