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Dry skin around the mouth - Causes and remedies

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Dry skin (xeroderma) around the mouth can be caused by neglect of facial skin, lack of moisturization or presence of diseases. There are many remedies available for correcting the condition.

Please seek medical help for treatment of dermal ailments without delay as the condition around mouth area may get worsened quickly. For cures for allergies and eczema choosing an allergy specialist is an important step.

Dry skin around the mouth - Causes

Physical and mental stress, aging and cold climate may cause xeroderma around mouth. Diseases and conditions like mild sores around the mouth region, allergies, eczema, cold sore (oral herpes), seborrheic dermatitis, chapped lips and sores in the corner of mouth (angular cheilitis) can also cause this condition. There may be pain, reddening, itching and sometimes bleeding.

Frequent washing, bathing, use of harsh soaps, systemic illness, detergents, severe sunburn, or some medication can cause this condition. Nutritional deficiencies of essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and essential trace minerals can give rise to such condition.

Angular cheilitis is usually due to nutritional deficiencies of riboflavin (vitamin B2), iron or zinc. The remedy lies in correcting the deficiency by taking food rich in the above nutrients or taking supplements.
The wounds may get infected by fungus or bacteria and applying a topical antibiotic to the area may be necessary.

In some cases excess intake of vitamin A in the form of vitamin supplements may cause xeroderma, chapped epidermis and angular cheilitis. Cold winter conditions cause chapped epidermis if proper moisturizing and cold protection are not done.

Dry skin around the mouth - Remedies

Hydration and moisturization: As xeroderma around the face is usually due insufficient hydration of the body, the remedy lies in sufficiently re-hydrating it from within by drinking sufficient quantities of water and moisturizing it from outside with repeated application of emollients like petrolatum, vegetable oils or butters.

Proper sleep: Sleep is a natural process for body building, body repair and one of the remedies for many skin problems. Sleep sufficiently to allow the body to carry out repair processes like natural upper epidermal layer peeling (desquamation).

Lip balms: Regular lip balm application on and around the mouth helps in protection from peeling and scaling of epidermis.

Moisturizers: Apply good quality dry skin moisturizers or make one at home to remedy your dryness around the mouth.

Exfoliation: Dry epidermal conditions tend to have peeling epidermis and exfoliating once a while helps in removing the dead cells. Please moisturize immediately after exfoliation.

Protection: If you have dry skin around the mouth, apply sunscreen for protection from sun and cover your face for protection from cold winds.
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